Book 3A Vol. 2

WAVES OF ONE SEA: Songs for Baha’i Children’s Classes (Grade 2) Volume 2  VIETNAMESE VERSION







1. Sing His Praises (Creadell Haley)
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2. Attributes of God (Wiley Rinaldi) Vietnamese Version

3. Síyáh-Chál (Leslie Garrett)
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4. Looking for Good (David Hunt)
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5. I Thank and Praise Thee Lord (Joan Lincoln)
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7. The Prince of Peace (Lloyd Haynes)
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8. Patience (Leslie Garrett)
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9. The Covenant (Chong Boo Haw) Vietnamese Version

10. Kam Kam (Bob and Linda Simms)
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11. Joy (Nancy Ward)

12. Forgive Each Other (Wiley Rinaldi)  Vietnamese Version

13. I’ll Walk the Path (Gregory Shaw) Vietnamese Version

14. Toko Zani  (Benjamin Dlamini)
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15. Sing a New Song (Phyllis Day)
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