Mga Awit ng Puso (1990)


Track 1 A Brighter Tomorrow (Ping Balundo)
Audio Player: 01-Track-11.mp3

Track 2 Morning Sun (David Mockon)
Audio Player: 02-Track-21.mp3

Track 3 Ikaw ang Aking Pag-ibig (Boy Villasenor)
Audio Player: 03-Track-31.mp3

Track 4 May Liwanang pa (Oggie Barbaran)
Audio Player: 04-Track-41.mp3

Track 5 Awit ng Puso (Boy Pareja)
Audio Player: 05-Track-51.mp3

Track 6 Healing Prayer (Music: Edwin Edpalina)
From the Healing Prayer Revealed by Baha’u’llah

Audio Player: 06-Track-61.mp3

Track 7 Dakilang Pangalan (Oggie Barbaran/Arlis Ordona)
Audio Player: 07-Track-71.mp3

Track 8 The Words we Knew (Tony Cortez)
Audio Player: 08-Track-81.mp3

Track 9 Sa Pag-ibig Niya (Boy Villasenor)
Audio Player: 09-Track-91.mp3

Track 10 Umaga (Emmanuel Lucasan)
Audio Player: 10-Track-101.mp3

Track 11 Gloria ng Diyos (Arlis Ordona)
Audio Player: 11-Track-111.mp3

Track 12 Ligaya ng Buhay Ko (Jane & Ronnie Padilla)
Audio Player: 12-Track-121.mp3