Book 3A Vol. 3

FLOWERS OF ONE GARDEN: Songs for Bahá’í  Children’s Classes, Grade 2, Vol. 3 (Pilipino Version)

This Album is Specially Dedicated in Loving Memory of Kuya Vic Samaniego (1930-2009)

A new collection of 15 songs for Book 3A Volume 3 was translated, recorded and released in the Philippines in August 2010. All tracks arranged, edited and recorded by Edwin G. Edpalina from Songs for Bahá’í  Children’s Classes, Grade 2 of Ruhi Institute, Colombia, published by Palabra Press. Version in Pilipino by Adore Newman, Holly Grace & Willow Celeste. Vocals performed by the Children and Junior Youth Classes of Solano, Nueva Viscaya. Vocals recorded at the facilities of Radio Bahá’í DWBR-AM, Bulac Talavera, Nueva Ecija, Philippines – 15-19 July 2010, Guitars performed and recorded at Barracks 704, Quezon City by Popoy Sabellina & Richie Malamug of Firefly Band (thanks also to Nick for the assistance). Mixed  and mastered in Japan by Edok. We acknowledge the support of our collaborators – To Carmelo and Jong-Jong, Jimmy Tinamisan, Nitz & Odette Dabalos & Letlet for their support of this project.

Flowers of One Garden: Songs for Baha’i Children’s Classes, Grade 2 Volume 3 (Pilipino Version) – Lyrics

1. There’s a New Wind Blowin’ (Phil Lucas and Russ Garcia) p.206

Audio Player:1.Theres-a-New-Wind-Blowin-Phil-Lucas-and-Russ-Garcia-Pilipino-Version.mp3

2.O Seeker of Light! (Gina and Russ Garcia) p.184

3. The Shores of ‘Akká (Leslie Garrett) p.206
Audio Player: 3.The-Shores-of-Akka-Leslie-Garrett-Pilipino-Version.mp3

4. The Soul is the Sun (Nancy Ward) p.209

5. Be Fair (Joan Lincoln & Carol Sprague) p.158
Audio Player: 5.Be-Fair-Joan-Lincoln-Carol-Sprague-.mp3

6.The Human Race is One (Gina and Russ Garcia) p.201

7. Bestow Upon Me My Portion (Joan Lincoln) p.160
Audio Player: 7.Bestow-Upon-Me-My-Portion-Joan-Lincoln-.mp3

8. In the Garden of Ridván (Leslie Garrett) p.171
Audio Player: 8.In-the-Garden-of-Ridvan-Leslie-Garrett-Pilipino-Version.mp3

9.The Promise (Leona Herzig-Hosack) p.204


11. Source of Courage (Joan Lincoln) p.196
Audio Player: 11.Source-of-Courage-Joan-Lincoln-.mp3

12.Who is the Prophet of God for Today (Saul Accouche) p.215

13. Gather by the Gate (R. Gregory Shaw) p.165
Audio Player: 13.Gather-by-the-Gate-R.-Gregory-Shaw-.mp3

14. Joy Gives us Wings (Joan Lincoln) p.175
Audio Player: 14.Joy-Gives-us-Wings-Joan-Lincoln-.mp3

15.Light up the Whole Wide World (Gina and Russ Garcia)