Book 3A Vol. 2

WAVES OF ONE SEA: Songs for Baha’i Children’s Classes (Grade 2) Volume 2  JAPANESE VERSION

Produced by Mt. Carmel Productions for the Bahá’í Institute for Development (BID), Japan. The composers and/or their authorized representatives retain full copyrights for the songs featured in this collection.
Copyrights for these recordings (2010) and Japanese version of the lyrics reserved by  The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Japan.

All tracks arranged, edited and recorded by
Edwin G. Edpalina from Songs for Bahá’í Children’s Classes, Grade 2 – song collection of former Book 5, Ruhi Institute, Columbia, published by Palabra Press. Japanese version by the Translation Team appointed by BID. Vocal tracks recorded in Yamaguchi, Japan (9-12 Aug 2010) by Shirin Wycckoff, Meg Hanna, Michelle Hanna, Yuuka Sudate, Saki Sudate. Additional voices by Nozomu Sonda, Renato Panes & Edwin Edpalina. Lead guitars by Leonardo “Popoy” Sabellina and Richard “Richie” Malamug of Firefly Band (Recorded at the National Bahá’í Center, Manila, Philippines, Dec 2007). Artwork by Shinobu Matsuda (8 years old) of Toyohashi, Aichi-Ken Japan. Special Thanks to the parents of the children and to Nozomu & Eva Sonda for their hospitality.









1.Sing His Praises (Creadell Haley)
Audio Player:1.-Sing-His-Praises-Creadell-Haley-Japanese.mp3

2. Attributes of God (Wiley Rinaldi) Japanese Version

3. Síyáh-Chál (Leslie Garrett)
Audio Player:3.-Siyah-Chal-Leslie-Garrett-Japanese.mp3

4. Looking for Good (David Hunt)
Audio Player:4.-Looking-for-Good-David-Hunt-Japanese.mp3

5. I Thank and Praise Thee Lord (Joan Lincoln)
Audio Player:5.-I-Thank-and-Praise-Thee-Lord-Joan-Lincoln-Japanese.mp3

6. Others Must Come First (Wiley Rinaldi) Japanese Version

7.The Prince of Peace (Lloyd Haynes)
Audio Player:7.-The-Prince-of-Peace-Lloyd-Haynes-Japanese.mp3

8. Patience (Leslie Garrett)
Audio Player:8.-Patience-Leslie-Garrett-Japanese.mp3

9. The Covenant (Chong Boo Haw) Japanese Version

10. Kam Kam (Bob and Linda Simms)
Audio Player:10.-Kam-Kam-Bob-and-Linda-Simms-Japanese.mp3

11. Joy (Nancy Ward) Japanese Version

12. Forgive Each Other (Wiley Rinaldi) Japanese Version

13. I’ll Walk the Path (Gregory Shaw) Japanese Version

14. Toko Zani (Benjamin Dlamini)
Audio Player: 14.-Toko-Zani-Benjamin-Dlamini-Japanese.mp3

15. Sing a New Song (Phyllis Day)
Audio Player: 15.-Sing-a-New-Song-Phyllis-Day-Japanese.mp3