Book 3A Vol 3

FLOWERS OF ONE GARDEN: Songs for Bahá’í  Children’s Classes, Grade 2, Vol. 3  (Vocal Guides Only)
These tracks are for rehearsal purposes ONLY. We are currently contacting an English-speaking Bahá’í  Community to host the recording of these songs with actual children’s/youth voices. All tracks arranged, edited and recorded by Edwin G. Edpalina from Songs for Bahá’í  Children’s Classes, Grade 2 of Ruhi Institute, Colombia, published by Palabra Press. Vocals Performed by Shabnam Mockon (Sept. 2010, Hong Kong, SAR CHINA). Guitars performed and recorded at Barracks 704, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES by Popoy Sabellina & Richie Malamug of Firefly Band.
1. There’s a New Wind Blowin’ (Phil Lucas and Russ Garcia) p.206
Audio Player: 1.Theres-a-New-Wind-Blowin-Phil-Lucas-and-Russ-Garcia.mp3
2. O Seeker of Light (Gina and Russ Garcia) p.184
Audio Player: 2.-O-Seeker-of-Light-Gina-and-Russ-Garcia.mp3
3. The Shores of ‘Akká (Leslie Garrett) p.206
Audio Player: 3.-The-Shores-of-Akka-Leslie-Garrett.mp3
4. The Soul is the Sun (Nancy Ward) p.209
Audio Player: 4.-The-Soul-is-the-Sun-Nancy-Ward.mp3
5. Be Fair (Joan Lincoln & Carol Sprague) p.158
Audio Player: 5.-Be-Fair-Joan-Lincoln-Carol-Sprague.mp3
6. The Human Race is One (Gina and Russ Garcia)p.202
Audio Player: 6.-The-Human-Race-is-One-Gina-and-Russ-Garcia.mp3
7. Bestow Upon Me My Portion (Joan Lincoln) p.160
Audio Player: 7.-Bestow-Upon-Me-My-Portion-Joan-Lincoln-.mp3
8. In the Garden of Ridván (Leslie Garrett) p.171
Audio Player: 8.-In-the-Garden-of-Ridvan-Leslie-Garrett-.mp3
9. The Promise (Leona Herzig) p.204
Audio Player: 9.-The-Promise-Leona-Herzig.mp3
10. This is the Day (R. Gregory Shaw) p.210
Audio Player: 10.-This-is-the-Day-R.-Gregory-Shaw.mp3
11. Source of Courage (Joan Lincoln) p.196
Audio Player: 11.Source-of-Courage-Joan-Lincoln.mp3
12. Who is the Prophet of God for Today (Saul Accouche) p.215
Audio Player: 12.-Who-is-the-Prophet-of-God-for-Today-Saul-Accouche.mp3
13. Gather by the Gate (R. Gregory Shaw) p.165
Audio Player: 13.Gather-by-the-Gate-R.-Gregory-Shaw.mp3
14. Joy Gives us Wings (Joan Lincoln) p.175
Audio Player: 14.-Joy-Gives-us-Wings-Joan-Lincoln.mp3
15. Light up the Whole Wide World (Gina and Russ Garcia) p.178
Audio Player: 15.-Light-Up-The-Whole-Wide-World-Gina-Russ-Garcia.mp3