Book 3A Vol. 1

FRUITS OF ONE TREE: Songs for Bahá’í Children’s Classes (Grade 2), Volume 1 ENGLISH VERSION
Produced by Mt. Carmel Productions for the Bahá’í Community of San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. The composers, lyricists and/or their authorized representatives retain full copyrights for the songs featured in this collection. This recording is supported by the Bahá’í friends of San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

All tracks arranged, edited and recorded by Edwin G. Edpalina from Songs for  Bahá’í   Children’s Classes, Grade 2 of the Ruhi Institute, Colombia, published by Palabra Press. Vocals performed by the Junior Youth Class of San Francisco : Michèle Davey-Hatcher, Helen Meng, and Bella Romeo. Guest vocalists for “I have Found Bahá’u’lláh” include Zarin Fryback (Spanish), Lana Coffman (Hawaiian) and Juliet (French).

Vocals recorded in San Francisco, CA, USA (July 2008). Vocal Director:  John Davey-Hatcher. Mixed & mastered in Hong Kong, China (Jan 2009) by E. Edpalina. Lead guitars by Popoy Sabellina recorded at the National Bahá’í Center, Manila, Philippines. Cover layout and design by Michèle Davey-Hatcher. Special thanks to the Davey-Hatcher, Sisson, and Meng families for their hospitality.

Music Manuscript:
Music Manuscript Book 3A Volume I

Track 1- In Japan (Richard Grover)

Track 2-What Mankind Has to Learn (Creadell Haley)
Audio Player: Track-2-What-Mankind-Has-to-Learn-Creadell-Haley.mp3

Track 3- Fruits of One Tree (Greg Dahl)

Track 4-The Báb (Joyce Deardorff)
Audio Player: Track-4-The-Bab-Joyce-Deardorff-English.mp3

Track 5-Bahá’u’lláh (Creadell Haley)
Audio Player: Track-5-Bahaullah-Creadell-Haley-English.mp3

Track 6-Nightingale of Paradise (Gina & Russ Garcia)

Track 7-In This Day (Frederick Ward)
Audio Player: Track-7-In-This-Day-Frederick-Ward.mp3

Track 8- I Have found Bahá’u’lláh (Nosisana Velem)
Audio Player: Track-8-I-Have-Found-Bahaullah-Nosisana-Velem-English.mp3

Track 9-Mount Your Steeds (Phil Lucas)
Audio Player: Track-9-Mount-Your-Steeds-Phil-Lucas.mp3

Track 10-Will You Give Your Life (Joan Lincoln)
Audio Player: Track-10-Will-You-Give-Your-Life-Joan-Lincoln.mp3

Track 11-Siyahamba (Zulu Traditional Song)

Track 12-Queen of Carmel (Jeannie Murday)
Audio Player: Track-12-Queen-of-Carmel-Jeannie-Murday.mp3

Track 13-Rise Up and Sing (Composer Unknown)

Track 14-Tahirih (Mary Davis)

Track 15-The Singing Wind (Phyllis Day)
Audio Player: Track-15-The-Singing-Wind-Phyllis-Day.mp3