Book 3

DROPS OF ONE OCEAN: Songs for Bahá’í Children’s Classes

Book 3 Songs (English) Lyrics & Chords

Bk3English (Music Manuscript)


Lesson 1 We Are Drops (Composer Unknown)

Lesson 2 His First Counsel (Wiley Rinaldi)

Lesson 3 Justice is The Way (Collaborators of Ruhi Institute)

Lesson 4 Love, Love, Love (Creadell Haley)
Audio Player: Lesson-4-Love-Love-Love-Creadell-Haley1.mp3

Lesson 5 Look at Me (Jackie Elliot)

Lesson 6 When You Tell The Truth (Wiley Rinaldi & Galo Vanegas)

Lesson 7 We Are the People of Báhá (Donna Taylor)
Audio Player: Lesson-7-We-Are-the-People-of-Baha-Donna-Taylor-English.mp3

Lesson 8 Be Like the Earth (Collaborators of Ruhi Institute)

Lesson 9 Prefer Your Brother (Wiley Rinaldi)

Lesson 10 Truthfulness (Collaborators of Ruhi Institute)

Lesson 11 Fountain of Generosity (Mildred McClellan)
Audio Player: Lesson-11-Fountain-of-Generosity-Mildred-McClellan1.mp3

Lesson 12 God’s Creatures (Wiley Rinaldi)

Lesson 13 I Want to Be Happy (Fereydoun Jalali)

Lesson 14 My Love is My Stronghold (Composer of Music Unknown)

Lesson 15 That is How Bahá’ís Should Be (Composer Unknown)