Book 3A Vol.1

FRUITS OF ONE TREE: Songs for Bahá’í Children’s Classes (Grade 2), Volume 1 BAHASA INDONESIA VERSION


Track 1-In Japan (Richard Grover) Bahasa Indonesia

Track 2- What Mankind Has to Learn (Creadell Haley)
Audio Player: Track-2-Grade-2-Volume-1-Bahasa-Indonesia.mp3

Track 3-Fruits of One Tree (Greg Dahl) Bahasa Indonesia

Track 4-The Báb (Joyce Deardorff)
Audio Player: Track-4-The-Bab-Joyce-Deardorff-Indonesia.mp3

Track 5-Bahá’u’lláh (Creadell Haley)
Audio Player: Track-5-Bahaullah-Creadell-Haley-Indonesia.mp3

Track 6-Nightingale of Paradise (Gina & Russ Garcia) Bahasa Indonesia

Track 7-In This Day (Frederick Ward)
Audio Player: Track-7-Volume-1-Bahasa-Indonesia.mp3

Track 8- I Have found Bahá’u’lláh (Nosisana Velem)
Audio Player: Track-8-I-Have-Found-Bahaullah-Nosisana-Velem-Indonesia.mp3

Track 9-Mount Your Steeds (Phil Lucas)
Audio Player: Track-9-Volume-1-Bahasa-Indonesia.mp3

Track 10-Will You Give Your Life (Joan Lincoln)
Audio Player: Track-10-Volume-1-Bahasa-Indonesia.mp3

Track 11-Siyahamba (Zulu Traditional Song) Bahasa Indonesia

Track 12-Queen of Carmel (Jeannie Murday)
Audio Player: Track-12-Volume-1-Bahasa-Indonesia.mp3

Track 13-Rise Up and Sing (Composer Unknown) Bahasa Indonesia

Track 14-Tahirih (Mary Davis) Bahasa Indonesia

Track 15-The Singing Wind (Phyllis Day)
Audio Player:Track-15-Volume-1-Bahasa-Indonesia.mp3