Backing Tracks (Downloadable)

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DROPS OF ONE OCEAN: Songs for Bahá’í Children’s Classes (Grade 1)

Lesson 1 We Are Drops(Composer Unknown)

Lesson 2 His First Counsel (Wiley Rinaldi)

Lesson 3 Justice is The Way (Collaborators of Ruhi Institute)

Lesson 4 Love, Love, Love (Creadell Haley)

Lesson 5 Look at Me (Jackie Elliot)

Lesson 6 Tell the Truth (Wiley Rinaldi & Galo Vanegas)

Lesson 7 We Are the People of Báhá (Donna Taylor)

Lesson 8 Be Like the Earth (Collaborators of Ruhi Institute)

Lesson 9 Prefer Your Brother (Wiley Rinaldi)

Lesson 10 Truthfulness (Collaborators of Ruhi Institute)

Lesson 11 Fountain of Generosity (Mildred McClellan)

Lesson 12 God’s Creatures (Wiley Rinaldi)

Lesson 13 I Want to Be Happy (Fereydoun Jalali)

Lesson 14 My Love is My Stronghold (Composer of Music Unknown, Text from The Hidden Words)

Lesson 15 That is How Bahá’ís Should Be (Composer Unknown)


FRUITS OF ONE TREE: Songs for Bahá’í Children’s Classes (Grade 2), Volume 1

Track 1- In Japan (Richard Grover)

Track 2- What Mankind Has to Learn (Creadell Haley)

Track 3-Fruits of One Tree (Greg Dahl)

Track 4-The Báb (Joyce Deardorff

Track 5-Bahá’u’lláh (Creadell Haley)

Track 6-Nightingale of Paradise (Gina & Russ Garcia)

Track 7-In This Day (Frederick Ward)

Track 8- I Have found Bahá’u’lláh (Nosisana Velem)

Track 9-Mount Your Steeds (Phil Lucas)

Track 10-Will You Give Your Life (Joan Lincoln)

Track 11-Siyahamba (Zulu Traditional Song)

Track 12-Queen of Carmel (Jeannie Murday)

Track 13-Rise Up and Sing (Composer Unknown)

Track 14-Tahirih (Mary Davis)

Track 15-The Singing Wind (Phyllis Day)


WAVES OF ONE SEA: Songs for Baha’i Children’s Classes (Grade 2) Volume 2

1. Sing His Praises (Creadell Haley) – Backing Tracks

2. Attributes of God – Wiley Rinaldi (Backing Tracks)

3. Síyáh-Chál – Leslie Garrett (Backing Tracks)

4. Looking for Good – David Hunt (Backing Tracks)

5. I Thank and Praise Thee Lord – Joan Lincoln (Backing Tracks)

6. Others Must Come First – Wiley Rinaldi (Backing Tracks)

7. Prince of Peace – Lloyd Haynes (Backing Tracks)

8. Patience – Leslie Garrett (Backing Tracks)

9. The Covenant – Chong Boo Haw (Backing Tracks)

10. Kam Kam – Bob and Linda Simms (Backing Tracks)

11. Joy – Nancy Ward (Backing Tracks)

12. Forgive Each Other – Wiley Rinaldi (Backing Tracks)

13. I’ll walk the Path – Gregory Shaw (Backing Tracks)

14. Toko Zani – Benjamin Dlamini (Backing Tracks)

15. Sing a New Song – Phyllis Day (Backing Tracks)


FLOWERS OF ONE GARDEN: Songs for Bahá’í  Children’s Classes, Grade 2, Volume 3

1. There_s a New Wind Blowin_ (Phil Lucas and Russ Garcia)

2. O Seeker of Light (Gina and Russ Garcia)

3. The Shores of _Akká (Leslie Garrett)

4. The Soul is the Sun (Nancy Ward)

5. Be Fair (Joan Lincoln & Carol Sprague)

6. The Human Race is One (Gina and Russ Garcia

7. Bestow Upon Me My Portion (Joan Lincoln)

8. In the Garden of Ridván (Leslie Garrett)

9. The Promise (Leona Herzig)

10. This is the Day (R. Gregory Shaw)

11. Source of Courage (Joan Lincoln)

12. Who is the Prophet of God for Today (Saul Accouche)

13. Gather by the Gate (R. Gregory Shaw)

14. Joy Gives us Wings (Joan Lincoln)

15. Light up the Whole Wide World (Gina and Russ Garcia)