Book 3

DROPS OF ONE OCEAN: Songs for Bahá’í Children’s Classes (Grade 1) JAPANESE VERSION

BOOK3 バハイ子どもクラスの歌

Lesson 3 Justice is The Way (Collaborators of Ruhi Institute) Japanese Version

Lesson 4 Love, Love, Love (Creadell Haley)
Audio Player: 04-Lesson-4Japanese.mp3

Lesson 5 Look at Me (Jackie Elliot) Japanese Version

Lesson 6 Tell the Truth (Wiley Rinaldi & Galo Vanegas) Japanese Version

Lesson 7 We Are the People of Báhá (Donna Taylor)
Audio Player: Lesson-7-We-Are-the-People-of-Baha-Donna-Taylor-Japanese.mp3

Lesson 8 Be Like the Earth (Collaborators of Ruhi Institute) Japanese Version

Lesson 9 Prefer Your Brother (Wiley Rinaldi) Japanese Version

Lesson 10 Truthfulness (Collaborators of Ruhi Institute) Japanese Version

Lesson 11 Fountain of Generosity (Mildred McClellan)
Audio Player: 11-Lesson-11-Japanese.mp3

Lesson 12 God’s Creatures (Wiley Rinaldi) Japanese Version

Lesson 13 I Want to Be Happy (Fereydoun Jalali) Japanese Version

Lesson 14 My Love is My Stronghold (Composer of Music Unknown, Text from The Hidden Words) Japanese Version

Lesson 15 That is How Bahá’ís Should Be (Composer Unknown) Japanese Version